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Nearly everyone is bullied at some time in their life. It can make you feel scared, alone, isolated and very sad. Remember, no one deserves to be bullied.

Did you know?

Many famous and successful people were bullied when they were young - Tom Cruise (actor), Michelle Pfeiffer (actor), Mel Gibson (actor) and Phil Collins (singer).

If you don't tell someone, nothing will change.  In fact, it may even get worse, because the bully will feel more powerful.

Read more on the Bullying UK website about the different types of bullying and what help and advice is available.

Are you suffering from cyber-bullying?

If you are we would like you to take part in the ALL RISE survey to enable us to get a true reflection of how many people are affected by cyber-bullying. With the information we obtain from the survey it will help us to work towards getting it stopped.

Self-assertiveness for victims of bullying

There are three response styles:

  • aggressive - aggressive people act as if their rights are more important than others
  • assertive - assertive people respect themselves and others
  • passive - passive people behave as if others matter more than they do. Often victims tend to be passive and bullies tend to be aggressive.

Learn to be more assertive

  • when you say no, say it firmly
  • if you don't want to do something, don't give in to pressure. Be firm, remember, you have the right to say no
  • offer an alternative - "No, I don't want to play football; let's go for a walk instead"
  • don't make excuses - Keep your body posture assertive (don't stand all hunched up in victim-mode) and look the person in the eye

You may have to pretend a lot at first and act in a way you don't really feel. But eventually the 'acting' will cease and you will be more assertive than you thought possible!

Changing school is often not the answer. Bullying will follow if your resilience skills still need attention.

More help

When you need help, there is always someone you can turn to.

  • Find someone you trust that you can talk to
  • You can contact many organisations confidentially who are there for you 

Remember that sharing your worries with someone who cares can make you feel better.

If you think you are being bullied do not accept it, be brave and seek advice.

Bullying video

Listen to what some victims of bullying say.

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