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Cycling is a great way of getting around - it's quick, keeps you fit AND is environmentally friendly! It helps reduce heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and the most common form of diabetes.


The new word in cycle training... If you're thinking about getting on your bike, why not complete your Bikeability cycle training - it's fun and gives you the skills and confidence to cycle in modern road conditions.

For young people and students aged 10 and above, Hillingdon's Road Safety Team have a range of free courses, each designed to improve your riding from beginner level to skilled.

The instructors at Hillingdon are fully accredited trainers, committed to providing top quality instruction. Courses are available through your school, and other venues during holiday times too.

By achieving Bikeability you'll be safer, and enjoy your cycling more - whether you are riding to and from school, or just cycling around with your friends.Bikeability : Young people taking part in the Bikeability training

Training levels

There are three Bikeability levels to help you become a better and safer cyclist. As you go through the levels, you'll be more confident to travel to more places on your bike.

Level 1 is where you learn how to control your bike. By completing this level, you can show you have the skills to ride where there are no cars and that you are ready to start your road training.

Level 2 is where you start with real traffic, but on quiet roads. By completing this level, you can show you have the skills to make a trip on quiet roads and cycle lanes, perhaps even to school.

Level 3 is where you can move up to busy roads and advanced road features. It's like a driving or motorbike lesson, and once you have done it, you should be confident enough to cycle almost anywhere. This is available once you have started secondary school.

Make sure you don't go on roads that you are not trained for - if in doubt ask an adult.

For further information on training, or for a free cycle training booklet, please email

Cycle guides

The London Cycle Guides are a printed series of free, localised guides covering Greater London. Recommended by experienced cyclists, the routes in these guides have been fully updated and checked.

Check out Transport of London for Free local cycle guides »

For information on The Highway Code visit cycling code »

Cycling is an excellent way of getting out and about - read more »

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